Six new qualifications for 2023

As part of our commitment to provide students with the skills they need to succeed at university and beyond, we are continually expanding our offering and have introduced six new qualifications for first teaching from September 2023.

International GCSE Psychology

Enable your students to explore psychology through topics rooted in universal human experience.

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International GCSE Economics

Discover our relevant, engaging and up-to-date Economics courses to inspire and challenge every student.

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International GCSE Design & Technology

Fast-track the learning of students wanting to focus on product design.

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International GCSE Spanish

Unlock the secrets of one of the fastest growing languages in the world.

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International GCSE French

Equip your students with the international language of politics and culture.

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International Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Develop students’ transferable skills with project-based learning.

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"The design of our qualifications and exams is made not to just focus on recalling information, but actually to apply it."
Andrew Coombe, Managing Director, OxfordAQA
  • IPQ
  • International GCSE French
  • International GCSE Economics
  • International GCSE Design and Technology
  • International GCSE Psychology
  • International EPQ
  • International GCSE Spanish