Modern Foreign Languages GCSE

Secure your students' journey to multilingualism

OxfordAQA International GCSE Languages qualifications are based on AQA’s market-leading UK specifications. Used by 75% schools in England and trusted for their rigour, accessibility and fairness, you can be sure that your students will be in the safest hands.

  • Our expert team have worked to tailor the International GCSE French and Spanish specifications for international schools, so you can be confident that they are culturally sensitive with vocabulary lists suited to the needs of international students and multi-cultural classrooms.
  • As part of our Fair Assessment commitment, our language qualifications are designed to be accessible for non-native English speakers. This means that, whilst the exams will test students’ ability in their new language, the English used for instructions and questions in the exams will be accessible to all.
  • We have adopted a consistent, thematic approach across our languages and International GCSE English as a Second Language specifications. We hope your language students will be reassured by this familiar format and your school can reap the benefits in terms of efficient curriculum planning and cross-curricular opportunities.
Questions about this qualification?

Questions about this qualification?

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“You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.”
Geoffrey Willans, English writer and journalist