With a distinct focus on professionally relevant content, our International Accounting qualifications prepare students for the workplace.

International AS/A-level Accounting

International GCSE Accounting

Over the course of our International GCSE and AS/A-level program, students develop their understanding of book-keeping, management and financial accounting in a range of business contexts, equipping them with the core knowledge of accounting principles and the confidence to apply this to varied situations in further academics and the workplace.

  • Our International GCSE Accounting specification places emphasis on accounting models, providing students with the necessary foundations to consider these with a heightened analytical perspective at A-level.
  • The variety of assessment styles used across both qualifications allows students to develop a wide range of skills, including data analysis, application of quantitative techniques and logical thinking – which are extremely valuable for further study and employment.
  • All exams are grounded in the OxfordAQA Fair Assessment approach, ensuring non-native English speakers are not disadvantaged.
Questions about this qualification?

Questions about this qualification?

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"The approach helps students to strive and thrive across the whole program."
OxfordAQA Teacher, Egypt