Teacher support

At OxfordAQA, we are always by your side and here to support you.

At OxfordAQA, we are always by your side. We are committed to supporting teachers at every stage of their students’ learning, from lesson planning and teaching to their final assessments.

We offer a comprehensive range of support, including:

  • Complete programme of online and face-to-face training throughout the academic year
  • Powerful teacher support and results analysis tools, including ERA and Exampro
  • Wide range of teaching resources for every qualification
  • Face-to-face in-region support (where possible) from regional consultants
  • Online access to subject experts

Teach with confidence

Our detailed, subject-specific training throughout the academic year ensures you can deliver qualifications with confidence.

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Count on our support, every step of the way.
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Enhanced Results Analysis™ (ERA)

Let ERA do your analysis and reporting for you. Access ERA as soon as you receive your exam results.

Access ERA through Centre Services
Focus your teaching in the right places – find out what your results are really telling you with ERA

Enjoy valuable insights at your fingertips, with our powerful, industry-leading results analysis tool, ERA™.

Used by over 40,000 teachers in the UK, ERA provides more detailed and customised analysis than other results analysis tool on the market. It allows you to compare student performance at both a high level and in granular detail, to identify patterns, strengths and weaknesses and improve the performance of your next cohorts.

You can use ERA to:

  • Get an overview of grade performance compared to previous years and other schools – then drill down to see a breakdown of marks
  • See how students performed in specific topics, assessment objectives and skills, and identify areas that require more attention next year
  • Create groups to compare performance of intervention classes, students with different levels of English proficiency and students in different ability streams
  • Use AS results to tailor your lesson plans and focus your teaching at A2 to maximise student progress
  • Spot year-on-year trends, measure achievement against other schools and create management reports for your senior leadership team.

You can also use ERA for effective CPD in your school: compare performance of students in different classes to identify aspects of successful teaching. Use these insights to facilitate and support sharing of best practice within your school. Read the case study: how to use data for student progress.

Watch the video: Maximise the insights you can gain from your results with ERA

How to access your school’s Enhanced Results Analysis

If you’re in an OxfordAQA approved school, you can use ERA as soon as you receive your OxfordAQA exam results:

  • Teachers: ask your Exams Officer to set up your access in advance of results day.
  • Exams Officers: you can set up staff access to ERA in Centre Services.

Training and trialling

Our team are always on hand to support you. You can arrange a meeting with your regional qualifications consultant to:

  • Explore ERA in more detail before committing to teaching with OxfordAQA.
  • Receive training on ERA before or after results day so you are ready to analyse your students’ OxfordAQA results.

Contact us to arrange a meeting or to ask a question relating to ERA.

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Exampro – the quickest, easiest way to create tests and homework to prepare students for OxfordAQA Maths and Science exams

Maths and Science teachers have free access to Exampro

Exampro™ is an online, searchable bank of a huge number of past exam questions, mark schemes, and examiner comments – ideal to support and guide your teaching. Build your own tests, homework and more.

Watch the video: using Exampro to prepare students for their exams

With Exampro, you can:

In a matter of minutes, you can turn questions into lessons, homework, class discussions, revision exercises, topic tests or mocks.

  • Exampro is quick and easy to use. Just search, drag, drop and export.
  • Search by topic, level, and type of question.
  • Share with students and colleagues, in class or at home.
  • Use results to report on student progress.

Support your students with a huge bank of real exam questions, all correlated to OxfordAQA Mathematics and Science specifications.

  • Ensure that your students are prepared for their OxfordAQA exams by practising with real exam questions.
  • Show students how to gain marks and avoid common mistakes, with the mark schemes and examiner comments.
  • Personalise students’ learning by creating exercises for their areas of weakness.
  • Create your own mock assessments: search topics and drag questions into your document, with accompanying mark scheme and examiner commentaries.
  • Use it as teacher support too – you can co-produce and share your customised tests with colleagues.

Whether you’re an experienced teacher, or new to OxfordAQA, Exampro means you can be up to speed with the specification in no time.

  • Get a better understanding of the exams, using the past questions to see how the topic has been tested before.
  • Mark schemes make clear how marks are gained, and examiner comments show common mistakes, helping you deal with misconceptions.
  • Choose from hundreds of questions, mark schemes and examiner comments from past AQA exams, as well as the OxfordAQA specimen papers.
  • The questions have been carefully selected for international students and mapped to the OxfordAQA specifications, so you can be confident that Exampro supports effective teaching and learning.
  • We add the latest questions about 10 months after each exam, so Exampro just keeps growing!

Want to try Exampro?

If you’re teaching maths or science with OxfordAQA, you can start using the full version now. Login to Exampro.

If you’re new to OxfordAQA, you can take a look at our Exampro screenshots. You can even create your own test with the Exampro demo (view the demo login details here).

Note that there are only around 50 questions in the demo, but don’t worry – there are thousands in the full question bank!

Maths and Science teachers: log in to Exampro now

If you’re teaching maths or science with OxfordAQA, you can start using the full version now.

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