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Students with OxfordAQA qualifications have progressed to leading universities worldwide. Our International GCSEs and A-levels are accepted and valued by universities in the UK and around the world for entry onto undergraduate degree programmes.

Whether it’s Russell Group universities in the UK, Ivy League institutions in the USA or the Group of Eight in Australia, you can be sure that our qualifications are recognised and desirable around the world.

We have an extensive and ever-growing list of universities that have told us that they value our qualifications, which you can browse here. Don’t worry if you don’t see the university you’re looking for – there are always many universities going through our recognition processes. You can also contact us to ask about a specific university to be sure.

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Ministries of Education and university admissions

We work closely with Ministries of Education, local government ministries and university admissions organisations to ensure that equivalence to local qualifications is fully validated, and that they have up to date information about our qualifications.

OxfordAQA International GCSEs and A-levels have been independently evaluated by UK ENIC, the agency responsible for providing information and advice on academic qualifications from all over the world, as being at the same standard as the British GCSEs and A-levels accredited by the UK examinations regulator, Ofqual.

Schools and students can be confident that educational institutions around the world recognise OxfordAQA qualifications as being comparable to UK examinations. In addition, most European countries, along with Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada, are part of the Lisbon Recognition Convention which gives mutual recognition to qualifications for higher education progression.

  • Some countries, such as the UK, operate a centralised admissions service called UCAS.
  • Our qualifications are all registered with UCAS to provide details of our qualifications – you can view our Global UCAS Qualification Information Profiles (QIPs).
  • We also work with organisations such as the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen in Pakistan and the Association of Indian Universities to confirm equivalence to their country’s own qualifications systems.
  • In some countries, such as Egypt and Kuwait, formal ministry approval is required. OxfordAQA is already fully approved in these countries and universities have been notified.
Students with OxfordAQA qualifications have progressed to top universities around the world, including Oxford University, Harvard and MIT.
Internationally recognised grading standards
  • OxfordAQA International GCSEs are graded using the internationally-recognised 9-1 grading system used in the UK. Your students’ International GCSE results will be reported in exactly the same way as students studying GCSEs in the UK, and in line with top performing education systems around the world.
  • OxfordAQA’s International A-levels are independently approved by UK ENIC as equal to UK A-levels. As A-levels are the British standard qualification for university entry, OxfordAQA qualifications therefore can be accepted by all universities who accept UK students. Students with OxfordAQA qualifications have progressed to top university around the world, including the University of Oxford, Harvard and MIT.

You can find out more about applying to university in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada with our helpful guides:

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