Design & Technology

Design and Technology

Fast-track the learning of students wanting to focus on product design

If you’re a teacher wanting to specialise, or you have students with a particular interest in product design, our approach to international design and technology will suit your needs.

  • Build an understanding of the creative and manufacturing processes involved in product design.
  • Help students grasp core technical principles and their practical, real-world applications in topics such as computer-aided design.
  • Provide a solid grounding in problem solving and critical thinking skills in preparation for the workplace, A-level or higher education.
  • Exams are founded on the OxfordAQA principles of providing fair, valid and reliable assessments. Find out more about our approach to Fair Assessment.
Questions about this qualification?

Questions about this qualification?

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*Mandatory field.

"Students will love our creative, practical approach to Design and Technology."
OxfordAQA, Head of Teaching and Learning