Enjoy a clear and consistent route through the important geographical topics of our era.

Our International Geography specifications give equal weighting to physical and human geography at both GCSE and A-level. These two themes, along with fieldwork skills, provide the three core concepts of the specifications and the exam papers at both GCSE and A-level.

  • The consistency of this approach makes our Geography specifications straightforward to teach, accessible for students and facilitates exam preparation.
  • There are opportunities for local fieldwork, making the content relevant to students, keeping them motivated, and showing them how the study of geography is relevant to the real world and their local environment.
  • Both specifications take our Fair Assessment approach to exams, ensuring no student is disadvantaged.
Questions about this qualification?

Questions about this qualification?

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"The GCSE content transitions into A-level perfectly. We plan to continue with OxfordAQA this year."
Kerry Glenister, Head of KS4, Heathfield International School, Thailand