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We believe in the importance of taking a rigorous approach to the teaching of pure maths.

We have learned from university academics that school-leavers with a good grounding in pure maths are better prepared for university – because they are ready to apply their knowledge in a variety of different disciplines and choose a preferred specialism.

All of our Mathematics qualifications are rigorous, but also accessible. We put particular attention on achieving clarity in our assessments, so students succeed on the basis of their mathematical knowledge and not on their literacy. That’s why we strive to use the fewest words possible in our maths papers, eliminating unnecessary context and keeping our command language simple and consistent. Find out more about our approach to Fair Assessment.

  • Our International GCSE Mathematics qualification has an emphasis on algebra, with the inclusion of calculus and matrices – making it an excellent preparation for A-level.
  • Our International AS and A-level Mathematics qualification also focuses on pure maths, which forms 100% of Paper 1, as well as 50% of Paper 2 at AS and over 60% of the overall assessment at A-level.
  • Our International AS and A-level Further Mathematics qualification stretches the most able students and has proportionally the same focus on pure maths as our International AS and A-level Mathematics qualification.

All added together, when you choose OxfordAQA for your mathematics subjects, you give your students the best possible preparation for higher education and beyond.

Questions about this qualification?

Questions about this qualification?

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“The outstanding examination results have led our school to implement OxfordAQA qualifications fully.”
Dr Echo Yue Zhang, Co-owner and principal, British Experimental Academy of Pingxiang, China