OxfordAQA offer a comprehensive cycle of training. Select one of our year-round series below to view available sessions.


Prepare to Teach

February - March

These free online training sessions offer a thorough overview of each subject area, including curriculum content and assessment, so that you are absolutely clear on what you have to teach and how your students will be assessed.

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Getting Started

September - October

If you are starting to teach with OxfordAQA, our Getting Started webinars cover everything you need to know to start teaching with confidence.

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Teacher Toolkit


Our Teacher Tookit training offers free, expert guidance on a specific topic or skill covered in an OxfordAQA qualification. These live, online sessions are delivered by subject experts and allow plenty of time for questions from attendees.

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Marking Guidance

November - December (All Specifications) and February - March (Maths, Science & ESL)

If you are teaching any OxfordAQA specification, our Marking Guidance training provides you with key information you need to help your students get ready for their exams.

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Exams Officer

Exams Officer Training


If you're new to being an OxfordAQA Exams Officer, we want to make sure you have all the information and advice you need to fulfil your role with confidence.

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Further Events And Training


OxfordAQA has many more training opportunities available.

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