Exams Officer update – changes for the November 2023 series onwards

View the changes made to our processes, as well as improvements to our qualifications, that will come into effect for the November 2023 exam series.

Our new brand – changes to exam materials

You will be receiving new branded bags from September for the November 2023 series. The changes are as follows:

  • question paper packets have changed from blue to green and have our new logo
  • script return sacks are still white and have our new logo
  • coursework return sacks are still purple and have our new logo.

You will also see the new brand on all exam and results materials, including:

  • question papers
  • additional answer booklets
  • anthologies and formulae booklets
  • Certificates and Certified Statement of Results (CSoR).

This is purely a branding change and the way you use these materials will remain the same.

New dispatching partner

For the November 2023 series onwards, we have a new dispatching partner. This means email notifications of exam material and results dispatches, including tracking information, will now come from [email protected]Please add this email address to your contact list to ensure you receive these notifications.

We will not monitor replies to this inbox, so please send any questions around your materials to [email protected].

Dispatch cut-off date – important change

For the November 2023January 2024 and May/June 2024 exam series, the last date to make new entries and still have materials dispatched to your school will be five working days before the first exam of the series is scheduled:

  • November 2023 series – entries for dispatch will stop processing orders at 4pm (UK time) on 16 October
  • January 2024 series – entries for dispatch will stop processing orders at 4pm (UK time) on 11 December
  • May/June 2024 series – entries for dispatch will stop processing orders at 4pm (UK time) on 28 April.

As a result, no November 2023 exam material will be sent after 17 October 2023, so please make sure your entries are made on time to allow us to send you all the material you need.

As always, you will be able to download attendance registers and exam question papers from Centre Services on the day of the exam. The precise timing that materials can be accessed in your region are included on our time zone guide.

International GCSE English as a Second Language – new digital media portal for Speaking test submissions

From November 2023 onwards, International GCSE English as a Second Language Speaking tests will no longer be uploaded to ShareFile. Instead, Speaking test audio files and the corresponding attendance record must be uploaded to our new, easy-to-use online portal. This portal will be available in November, from at least one week before the final date of the assessment window.

In the meantime, please view our detailed guidance on how to upload the Speaking test audio files, which includes a preview of the portal to prepare you to submit your recordings.

Please also read through the International GCSE English as a Second Language Speaking test guidance document.

Improvements to International GCSE Mathematics papers

From November 2023 onwards, we are replacing our multiple-choice questions at the beginning of the International GCSE Mathematics papers with short, accessible open-response questions to give students the best opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.