International AS and A-level Business (9625)

A-level Business

Prepare the business leaders of tomorrow with this contemporary approach to business strategy.

International AS and A-level Business, our contemporary look at the world of business will engage your students with the critical elements of business strategy, analysis and decision-making and an up-to-date look at digital technology, business ethics and globalisation.

  • Themed papers help make revision easier, while the variety of question types will help students develop their ability to analyse data, think critically and make informed decisions – all of which are skills valued by universities and employers.
  • Wherever possible we use real-life case studies to make it easier for students to relate and apply the knowledge and skills they’ve developed during the course.
  • Exams feature case studies from internationally familiar brands such as Lexus and McDonalds, ensuring no student is disadvantaged.

International AS and A-level Business (9625)

View the switching guide to see the differences between your old International AS/A-level Business specification and the OxfordAQA specification (version updated November 2022).

OxfordAQA International AS/A-level Business covers the following topics:

AS and A-level:
  • What is business?
  • Marketing
  • Operational performance
  • Human resources
  • Finance
A-level only:
  • Mission, objectives and strategy
  • Analysing the existing internal position of a business
  • Analysing the industry environment
  • Analysing the external environment: political, legal, economic, social, technological, environmental
  • Analysing strategic options: investment appraisal
  • Choosing strategic direction
  • Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies
  • Managing strategic change

OxfordAQA provides all the resources and advice you need to teach the International AS and A-level Business specification effectively.

We have too many International AS and A-level Business resources to list here, so please visit our resource area for teachers to see them all, including:

  • Schemes of work to allow you to plan how to deliver the specification in a way that will best suit you and your students
  • Teaching guidance to outline clearly the scope of teaching and learning
  • Topic tests and mock exam analysers to allow you to track your students’ progress throughout the teaching year

  • AS Unit 1: Business and markets. 1 hour 30 minutes. 80 marks.
  • AS Unit 2: Managing operations, human resources and finance.
    1 hour 30 minutes. 80 marks.
  • A2 Unit 3: Business strategy. 1 hour 45 minutes. 80 marks.
  • A2 Unit 4: Business decision-making. 1 hour 45 minutes. 80 marks


  • Students can re-sit units. The best result for each unit will count towards the qualification grade.

Modular qualification

These qualifications are modular. The full International A-level is intended to be taken over two years. The specification content for the International AS is half that of an International A-level.

  • AS students take AS units only.
  • A-level students take AS and A2 units.
  • AS grades A – E. A-level grades A* – E.
  • Students can sit units in January or May/June.

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