NEW: International GCSE Islamiat (9237)

Study the history and cultures of Islam through a global perspective

Our International GCSE Islamiat course integrates scripture and contextual knowledge to provide students a cohesive understanding of Islam, its teachings and texts.

  • A clear specification provides an integrated, coherent route through the content and the study of scripture for teachers and students.
  • Tracks the lived experience of Islam right up to the present day, helping students grasp its history and importance in the modern world.
  • Offers an assessment structure that allows students to demonstrate their knowledge alongside a range of skills that prepares them for future study.

International GCSE Islamiat (9237)

View the switching guide to see the differences between your old International GCSE Islamiat specification and the OxfordAQA specification (version updated February 2024).

OxfordAQA International GCSE Islamiat covers the following topics:

  • Islam: Beliefs and teachings
  • Islam: Practices
  • Life and teachings of Hazrat Muhammad
  • Sources of authority in Islam

For both papers, students must study the related passages from the Qur’an and Hadith. These are provided in the specification.

OxfordAQA provides all the resources and advice you need to teach the International GCSE Islamiat specification effectively.

  • Download the specification
  • Read our switching guide
  • View our training courses to help you deliver OxfordAQA International GCSE Islamiat
  • Approved textbooks and resources published by Oxford University Press

This specification is part of our new 2024 suite of International GCSE, AS and A-level qualifications. Our team of experts are busy producing more teaching and learning support resources for your teaching staff. Visit our resources for teachers area to keep up to date with new resources as they are made available, including:

  • Schemes of work to allow you to plan how to deliver the specification in a way that will best suit you and your students
  • Teaching guidance to outline clearly the scope of teaching and learning
  • Topic tests and mock exam analysers to allow you to track your students’ progress throughout the teaching year

Paper 1:

  • Section A – Islam: Beliefs and teachings
  • Section B – Islam: Practices
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 50 marks
  • 50% of GCSE

Paper 2:

  • Section A: Life and teachings of Hazrat Muhammad
  • Section B: Sources of authority in Islam
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 50 marks
  • 50% of GCSE

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Questions about this qualification?

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