Completing question papers and answer booklets 

Using question papers and answer booklets correctly reduces the risk of lost work and helps to make sure students get the results they deserve on results day.

The guidance below covers:

  • how students should use and complete question papers
  • what invigilators should check for and which details they can correct
  • how additional material should be handled.
Instructions to students

To help avoid delays with issuing results, it is important that student details on the front of question papers or answer booklets are correct. Students must make sure they:

  • clearly print their name, as it appears on their entry and the attendance register, on the front of any question paper or separate answer booklet
  • fill out their candidate number, centre number and, for answer booklets, the component code, accurately.
Instructions to invigilators

After the exam, invigilators must check that the student has followed the above instructions correctly. If the student has made a mistake on the front cover, or has not used the name that appears on their entry, invigilators or exam staff should correct the mistake, and the correction should be counter-signed. Only the centre number, candidate number, candidate name or component/unit code can be corrected.

Guidance on use of additional answer booklets:
  • students should use the additional lined pages at the end of the paper before they are given additional booklets
  • if students use the additional lined pages at the end of the paper, they must label their responses clearly with the corresponding question numbers to make sure the additional material is marked alongside the rest of their answer
  • if students still require an additional answer booklet, they must include their name, candidate number, centre number, component code and label their response with the corresponding question numbers
  • any additional answer booklets used must be placed inside the original answer booklet at the end of the exam
  • blank pages must not be removed from any standard or modified papers.
Word processed scripts

Word processors (such as a computer, laptop or tablet), with the spelling and grammar check/predictive text functions disabled, can be provided to a student when it is their normal way of working, unless the subject specification says otherwise.

If you have any students using word processors for exams, please remind them:

  • that their centre number, candidate number and component code must show on each page as a header or footer: eg 12345/8001 – 6391/01
  • to clearly label the start of each response with the corresponding question number to ensure it is marked correctly
  • to number each page of their typed script: eg page 1 of 6
  • a separate document is created for each component.

If a student has used a word processor and an answer booklet, the front cover of the answer booklet must be completed correctly, and the word-processed script should be placed inside of the answer booklet. Blank answer booklets should not be returned when the entire student response is on a word-processed script.