Detailed instructions for returning scripts

How to return your exam scripts to OxfordAQA

It is recommended to return your students’ scripts at least once a week to ensure results can be delivered on time.

1. Put scripts in dispatch sacks

Before the exam, you will have received OxfordAQA branded S1 sacks for you to put your scripts in. They are sent in your ‘non-confidential’ stationery pack. If you need more, please use the Extra stationery order form (DOC).

2. Attach address labels to the sacks

You will have received:

• an attendance register;

• a grey sack to return the exam scripts;

• blank label stationery;

• fixed address labels, if required;

• printable labels.

The labels have barcodes and the address of either the examiner who will mark the scripts (exam day labels) or our scanning location. You can access the exam label files 24 hours before an exam by following the below steps:

  • log into Centre Services
  • click on ‘Exams’
  • click on ‘Script dispatch labels’
  • click ‘Print labels and dispatch logs’

Click on the file link to open the labels so they can be printed. Do not worry if they are flagged as already printed, our system allows duplicates to be re-printed. When printing the labels, make sure the whole barcode is showing.

When printing exam labels to send scripts to us for marking, please ensure the label is printed clearly. If the ink is faded or smudged, the label may not be able to be scanned and this increases the risk of delays to marking or loss of students’ work.

If the original label has been used, additional labels can be ordered by using our online label order form.

It takes us 24 hours to generate the additional labels and you can find them on Centre Services by following these steps:

  • log into Centre Services
  • click on ‘Exams’
  • click on ‘Script dispatch labels’
  • click ‘Print labels and dispatch logs’
  • scroll down to view additional labels

You can give other Centre Services users access to print labels by assigning them the ‘Centre Labels and feedback’ position:

  • log into Centre Services
  • click on ‘Manage user roles’
  • locate the user you’d like to nominate
  • click ‘edit’ against user
  • on the ‘Edit user details’ page, change the position to ‘Centre Labels and feedback’.

You can order replacement or extra labels through our Extra stationery form (DOC).

Please do not photocopy labels or your parcels might get lost. If you need to advise us of a change of personnel for future labels please tick the box to make the email address the default for label emails from now on.

You must also advise us of this change by emailing the Centre Approval team on [email protected], and may be required to update your Centre Services administrator.

3. Add to the consignment tracker

You need to log the consignment details for each package you send to us, using the consignment tracker. Please remember to keep a record of the courier company used, consignment numbers and the components they relate to.

You can download a consignment tracker (XLS) here.

4. Send your package

To ensure that we have sufficient time to mark the scripts, please send the scripts back to us within 24 hours of the exam being sat. 

To ensure safe delivery please use a ‘sign on delivery’ service from a company that has the capability of tacking parcels in transit: We would recommend DHL. Please visit your in country DHL website or contact your local DHL office.

Use the correct address

The correct address is: 4 Garamonde Drive, Wymbush, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK8 8DF

5. What happens next

We will only contact you if your scripts do not arrive within 15 days of the exam. If we contact you, we will ask for the consignment details, as these are necessary for us to be able to track and trace your package.

Contact us

For stationery and examination material, please email [email protected]

For queries about sending scripts for marking, please email [email protected]

For queries about tracking your scripts, please email [email protected]