International GCSE Business (9225)

International GCSE Business

Equip the business leaders of the future with the practical skills they need to succeed.

Designed for students outside of the UK, the OxfordAQA International GCSE Business specification teaches learners real-world business planning and operations skills using international case studies and terminology to ensure it is relevant and motivating.

Teachers will find the specification an ideal vehicle to make studying business enjoyable and provide the right level of challenge for students who want to study and excel in business at GCSE and beyond. 

  • The ‘business planning’ unit is designed to motivate students by giving them applicable real-world business skills, as well as providing excellent preparation for A-level.
  • We use the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) terms (not UK terms) and feature globally relevant content, for example exchange rates, to secure engagement and help students to reach their potential.
  • Exams are accessible for international students. For example, we include appropriate reading time, multiple choice questions and themed papers which showcase internationally recognised brands, such as Toyota, to aid revision. Find out more about our approach to Fair Assessment.

International GCSE Business (9225)

View the switching guide to see the differences between your old International GCSE Business specification and the OxfordAQA specification (version updated November 2022).

OxfordAQA International GCSE Business covers the following topics:

  • Business in the real world
  • Influences on business
  • Business operations
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Finance

OxfordAQA provides all the resources and advice you need to teach the International GCSE Business specification effectively.

We have too many International GCSE Business resources to list here, so please visit our resources for teachers area to see them all, including:

  • Schemes of work to allow you to plan how to deliver the specification in a way that will best suit you and your students
  • Teaching guidance to outline clearly the scope of teaching and learnig
  • Topic tests and mock exam analysers to allow you to track your students’ progress throughout the teaching year

  • Paper 1: Influences of operations and human resources on business activity. 2 hours. 90 marks. 50%
  • Paper 2: Influences of marketing and finance on business activity. 2 hours. 90 marks. 50%


  • Linear: students sit both exams at the end of the course.
  • Students cannot re-sit individual components.
  • Students can re-take the whole qualifications as many times as they wish.

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