Non-exam assessment

These administration pages for non-exam assessment (NEA) also cover coursework and controlled assessment.

What is NEA?

Non-exam assessment (NEA) refers to the elements of the specification that are marked by teachers and moderated by trained associates.

This document provides schools with information and guidance on conducting and administering NEAs.

We are committed to working with schools to deliver non-exam assessments of the highest quality and have developed practices and procedures that support this aim.

The list below provides a summary of these policies and procedures which must be carefully followed:

1.1       Supervision and authenticating:

1.2       Avoiding malpractice

1.3       Teacher standardisation

1.4       Internal standardisation

1.5       Annotation

1.6       Submitting marks

1.7       Factors affecting individual students

1.8       Keeping students’ work

1.9       Moderation

1.10     After moderation

You can find more detailed NEA guidance here.

NEA currently exists in the four English international qualifications:

  • International A-level Literature
  • International GCSE Literature
  • International A-level Language
  • International GCSE Language

For information on conducting the International GCSE English as a Second Language (9280) Speaking test, please refer to the Exams guidance page of our website.

Centre declaration sheets

Centre declaration sheets are for schools to authenticate students’ internally-assessed work and confirm the internal standardisation of marking.

2023/24 Centre Declaration Sheet (DOC)

2023/24 Centre Declaration Sheet (PDF)

Candidate record forms

We produce candidate record forms for all coursework and controlled assessment components. They are for students and teachers to authenticate the work, and teachers to record their assessments and supporting information.

International GCSE English Language (PDF)

International GCSE English Literature (PDF)

International A-Level English Language (PDF)

International A-Level English Literature (PDF)

NEA administration

OxfordAQA provides guidance to all aspects of administering NEA grades.

  • An overview of the administration around non-exam assessment can be found here.
  • Instructions for submitting non-exam assessment (NEA) marks and grades can be found here.
  • Information around sampling arrangements can be found here.
  • FAQs surrounding digital submissions of NEA can be found here.
  • Watch our guidance video on Centre Marks Submission for NEA components here.
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