Preparing for results days

At the end of the May/June 2024 examination period, we have collated some useful information to help Exams Officers prepare for a successful results day.

Special consideration

If a student has been affected by a temporary illness, injury or some other event outside of their control at the time of an exam, you can apply for special consideration through Centre Services.

The deadline for special consideration requests for the May/June 2024 series is 26 July 2024. The window to submit requests will then reopen on results day.

Check for examination materials

We recommend you do a final check of your secure area in case there is a completed attendance record, question paper/answer booklet or word-processed material that may impact a student receiving a grade reflective of their efforts. If you find any materials, please contact us immediately.

If we have not been able to identify if a student sat the exams as part of our usual checks, we will be in touch throughout the exam series with any attendance queries. Attendance records for each component should be returned with the completed exam papers (scripts).

To make sure we can reach you with important updates or queries, we advise that you have someone available to monitor emails to your Exams Officer outside of term time.

Amending student details

To avoid any delays in providing students with their results, all details must be correct in Centre Services. If changes are needed, the original method of entry must be used (Centre Services or EDI).

There is a restricted number of characters permitted in a student name on our system; to amend students’ names that fit within the 40-character limit, please use the original method of entry. To amend a name which has been shortened to fit within the limit, you must use our name variation form. We will inform you if the form has been used incorrectly for names you should amend in the system.

If a student is taking exams under more than one series code (6Y for International GCSE, 6X for International AS/A-level), the same change must be made in each series the student is entered for.

You can find further information and guidance on updating student details on our Entries page.

Amending entries

To update Entries/Awards details, please see our supporting information. We will be in contact with you in the coming weeks if we see an issue that can be corrected. If the issue is not resolved, a student may not receive a result as expected.

No amendments can be made after 1 August for International AS/A-levels or the International EPQ.
No amendments can be made after 8 August for International GCSE.

Results and post-results training webinar

You can book your place on our free upcoming results and post-results webinar at 8.30am (UK time) on 7 August which will give you all the help and guidance you need to support your students on results day, as well as key information on the post-results’ process.

The training will also cover:

  • how to request and access marked scripts
  • what to expect when receiving your students’ certificates
  • how to make the most of your exam data

There will also be plenty of opportunity to ask our Exams Administration experts any questions you may have.

We will also email you soon with further information and guidance for results days.