Special Requirements

Information on access arrangements and special consideration for students who have additional needs or who have been disadvantaged due to unforeseen circumstances.

We have support available to enable students with special educational needs, disabilities or temporary injuries to take our exams and assessments.
Access arrangements

Access arrangements are measures that can be arranged before the examinations or other assessments to allow disadvantaged students as fair a chance as possible to demonstrate their knowledge and ability.

Students who may need exam access arrangements or reasonable adjustments include those with:

  • long-term physical disability;
  • a psychological condition;
  • a learning difficulty, behavioural or social difficulties;
  • a temporary illness or injury.

The centre at which the student is entered is responsible for:

  • ensuring that such provision, or requests to OxfordAQA for provision, is based on genuine and verifiable information.
  • administering access arrangements during the assessments and examinations.

Access arrangements should always reflect the student’s normal way of working in class.

With the exception of bilingual dictionaries, access arrangements cannot be given because English is not the student’s first language.

Find out more about what support is available and how to apply.

Modified exam question papers for students with visual impairment

Some students with visual impairment may require exam question papers which have been modified to make access easier, for example, enlarged font size, descriptions of diagrams and images or Braille papers for a Braille reader.

The following types of modified exam papers are available on request:

  • 18pt Arial font on A4 paper
  • 24pt Arial font on A4 paper
  • 24pt Arial font on A3 paper
  • 36pt Arial font on A3 paper
  • Unified English Braille (UEB)

Order modified question papers here.

This form must be completed and emailed to [email protected] before the published deadline on the Key Dates Calendar on our Dates and Timetables page.

Special Consideration

If a student is disadvantaged during their exams by unforeseen circumstances such as illness, injury or bereavement, we can sometimes make mark adjustments as part of a process called special consideration. Find out more about when this can be applied and the minimum requirements. 

An Exams Officer, or a delegate, will hold a Centre Administrator account for Centre Services.

There are four options available to request, select the one that best fits the situation:

  • Disadvantaged candidate – for a student who was disadvantaged at the time of a written exam.
  • Absent candidate – for a student who was absent from a written exam.
  • Group request – for a group of students for any exam or assessment.
  • Non-timetabled assessment – for a student whose coursework, oral or practical assessment has been lost or is incomplete.

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to request special consideration. After submission, applications are processed by our special consideration team.

The full process is completed within Centre Services. The Centre Administrator (Exams Officer) can select ‘view requests’ to find the outcome of an application.

Applications must be made within 7 days of the last examination in the exam series. Applications received after the publication of results can only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

Alternative site for exams

In the event exams cannot take place in the entering centre as planned, a suitable location must be sought and an application form must be submitted and approved before the exam takes place. Any alternate location must comply with the guidance in the ICE booklet, and we’re here to discuss the situation should you need to — please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll provide further support.

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